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5 Best Accounting Courses in Calicut; Your Pathway to an Accounting Career

If you are looking to begin a career in accounting, you should look into these accounting courses. While a B. Com. or B.B.A. provides you with a foundation in the areas of business and finance, a focused certificate course can equip you with the practical skills you will need while working as an accountant.

Certificate Course in GST and Accounting Practices

This course familiarizes students with the basics of practical accounting as well as an introduction to GST practices. 

Key Topics

    • Accounting Basics- The course covers essentials which will come in handy at the practical level such as the fundamentals of the accounting process, handling invoices and keeping records.

    • Tally- Tally is an accounting software commonly used in India. Students will be instructed in the basics of Tally and will learn how to use Tally ERP and Tally Prime

    • GST- This portion deals with the practices around the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Students will get familiarised on GST registration, filing GST returns, challan preparation and statement preparation.

Certificate Course in Direct and Indirect Taxation Practices

This certification teaches you everything you need to know about taxation practices in India. 

Key Topics

    • Taxation Fundamentals- Learn about the existing structures for both direct and indirect taxation.

    • Income Tax- Covers the subject of income tax, excluding income generated from agriculture

    • Custom Duties- Covers the area of various customs duties including export duties

    • Tax on Assets- Covers taxation on the assets of individuals and corporations, excluding agricultural assets

    • Tax on Capital- Covers taxation of a corporation’s capital.

Certificate Course in Advanced Management Accounting Excellence

This particular course has a focus in management in addition to accounting basics.

Key Topics

    • Financial Accounting- Students can learn the fundamentals of financial accounting which is oriented towards providing reports for external stakeholders.

    • Cost Accounting- This portion covers the branch of cost accounting which is geared towards internal stakeholders. Cost accounting helps in making decisions about business management.

    • Planning and Budgeting- Provides insights into the two critical functions that an accountant must perform while managing an organisation’s finances.

    • Internal Auditing and Controls- Offers an overview on the practices of internal auditing such as performance analysis, ensuring compliance and fraud detection.

    • CMA strategy- This course helps students to come up with a good strategy for the CMA examination.

Certificate Course in Corporate Due Diligence

In this certification you can learn about the practices of due diligence which include following company protocol, adhering to legal regulations and reducing risk

Key Topics

    • Corporate Structure and Procedure- Learn the essentials about the corporate structure as well as diligent corporate procedures.

    • Ministry of Company Affairs- Understand how to operate under the ministry’s regulations. 

    • Memorandum of Association- The Memorandum of association and the Principles of Association dictate how a company should operate. This portion covers how you can navigate the two.

    • Intellectual Property Rights- Learn the fundamentals of how to function in accordance with Intellectual Property Rights.

    • Business Contracts and Agreements- Offers insights into the legal aspects of business contracts and agreements, which accountants need to be aware about.

Certificate Course in Soft Skills and Business Management

Soft skills are important to succeed in your career. Even if you are an accounting genius, you’ll struggle in the workplace if you are not able to communicate effectively and lack decision making and problem solving skills. 

This course equips you with essential communication skills and an understanding of corporate etiquette.

Key Topics

    • Corporate Communications- While you are working you will need to communicate through emails and other communication streams. Learn the appropriate procedure to communicate proficiently.

    • Business Etiquette- Etiquette is the code of behaviour you need to follow while operating in a particular environment. Gain insights on how you need to behave in the corporate environment.

    • Interpersonal Communications- You need to know how to cooperate with others in your work environment. Understand how you can leverage communication to become a good co-worker.

    • Public Speaking- Speaking before a group can be quite scary, but on occasion you will be required to do so. Overcome your fear of public speaking through exposure.

    • Interview Preparation- Learn how to ace any interview with a little preparation.

    • Resume Building- Add this to the long list of things that college should have taught you. Learn how to build up a resume that will impress employers.

These specialized accounting courses can help you to build up your accounting career with professionally relevant skills. You can learn how to operate according to professional requirements and become an asset in the workplace.

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